LalaLand by Lala '20


The peaceful art of resetting your mind, body and soul~

Sleep, Rest, Restore, Unwind and be healthier. In a constant demanding world, rest is often underestimated. It’s as essential as a good diet and regular exercise the notion of rest was foreign to me. Until one day everything reached a screeching halt and emotionally, physically and psychologically I was tired. I was forced to SLOW DOWN and introduce REST into my schedule and life. Rest is the cornerstone of self-care. A new language I had to learn and embrace for an optimum life. A peaceful sleep experience needs a holistic approach, it’s a sensual experience from the environment, to comfort, scent, touch and sight. One has to learn to “Pause” and prioritize their mental being. I believe that it starts with how you feel, how you look and how you go to sleep.

Learning how to self-care I became inspired to create a premium sleep experience. Something that I could in my journey of self-love, self-healing, self-restoration, offer myself in return. That was the birth of my labour of love.

Welcome to my land, of rest.

Welcome to Lalaland

Introducing Lalaland by Lala, the ultimate comfort and luxurious sleep and lounge experience to enhance your lifestyle. Get ready for a serene date with your dreams. Sleep at your best because you deserve it.


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