Founder’s Story

“Over time I have developed a relationship with restlessness and trouble sleeping. In 2018, my health suddenly started deteriorating under strain from high levels of stress which I believe contributed to my insomnia. I suffered terrible headaches and my blood pressure was uncontrollable. It took a physical, mental and emotional toll on my wellbeing. Strangely enough, I could still function, my body did not have the capacity to know once I had reached a level of fatigue. I was always ahead of my body and mind. I over worked myself. I just kept going and I was putting my health at risk. The notion of rest was foreign to me. Until one day everything reached a screeching halt and emotionally, physically and psychologically I was done. I was forced to SLOW DOWN and introduce REST into my schedule and life. I realized the importance of sleep, the importance of recharging, the importance of taking it easy. That not only is it the act of shutting eye, but the mental and psychological being one has to draw to enjoy sleep.

I started to introduce pockets of self-love moments. I embedded self-care into my vocabulary. I began to live intentionally by meditating and researching the benefits of REST. The importance of restoring and healing my body through sleep. From focusing on deep breathing routines, self-awareness and creating an environment that fosters a peaceful sleep experience. From sleepwear, linen, room fragrance and a bed that supports deep quite rest. I slowly started to learn how to fall in love with rest. Thus, I became inspired to create a premium rest experience for myself. Something that I could in my journey of self-love, self-healing, self-restoration, to offer myself in return. That was the birth of my labour of love. Welcome to my land, of rest. Welcome to Lalaland.